Welcome to our site

At the present our studio is close. 
As soon as we can relocate, we will reopen and be able to:
Continue  to provide the artwork as seen here. 
The new phone number is to the right.
For more information 
 Contact us either phone or email.
Our hope is that we will not be closed for very long.

Welcome! Our  studio creates both functional and decorative Art for your pleasure and use.Our focus is primarily
 Art Glass: Hot - Blown Glass, Warm - Fused and
Slumped glass,
Cold - Stained glass and sculptures of glass, metal, stone, pottery and wood or a mix media. 
Artistic Blacksmithing - Sculpture's, D
ecorative and Functional Metal Art, as well as Cutlery. 

Landline 804-699-8910

Cell Phone:804-694-6944